Disc-type chipper series is my famous product developed for many years, can be the size of raw materials, including logs, board, veneer, bamboo, wood, corn, cotton, reed and other non-wood fiber rods into uniform The length of the sheet and the length of the material can be adjusted within a certain range according to the needs. It is composed of the rack, the cutterhead, (two to six knives on the cutterhead), the power supply and so on. Reasonable structure and reliable, simple operation, good quality raw materials, high yield, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, high production efficiency, suitable for paper mills, fiberboard mills, particleboard and wood production base and edible fungus production of raw materials processing, Ideal equipment. Direct mouth chip machine is a new development, the inlet from the ramp to straight mouth, with the conveyor belt with the use.
Disc chipper structure
Disc-type chipper main machine, host, coupling, chassis, motor discharge, in which the disc chipper host by the cutter, up and down the shell, feeding mouth and the mouth of several parts, and the knife The disc is the most powerful parts of the disc chipper wear, feeding the disc chipper with a strong wear-resistant characteristics of the company's knife-made special wear-resistant pad plating chrome, knife, knife and Flying screw is made of special steel, which greatly improved the life of disc wood chipper.
Disc chipper maintenance:
1, the work must pay attention to the spindle rolling bearing temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, such as more than 65 ℃, should immediately change the oil, if still invalid, you should remove the bearing with kerosene clean, coated with lubricants, and then work.
2, if the blade blunt or collapse, should be 4 at the same time grinding to ensure that after the installation of the balance of the cutter, the end of the knife should also be replaced after the blunt, or seriously affect the chipping quality.
Disc chipper maintenance:
1, the bearing seat should be added butter, once a month, such as continuous work should be more than twice, pay attention to observation.
2, V-belt use after a period of time should be re-adjusted tightness, press the middle of the belt with your fingers, down 6 to 10mm is appropriate.
3, after work every day, the machine should be cleaned, check the machine is loose, so as to extend the service life, power part of the manual maintenance instructions.
    Disc Chipper Uses:
    Disc crusher can cut the diameter of 200mm below the logs, trails and branches of wood, for pulp mill, wood field, paper mills, wood chip factory, processing, pine, Zamu, Yang wood, fir, Because of its compact structure, small footprint, good quality chipper, low power consumption, and suitable for mobile operation, widely used in small and medium-sized particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises of the preparation section, can also be used for self-employed for the production of wood chips.
Technical Parameters
Technical information of disc chipper
Model PJ-800 PJ-1000 PJ-1200 PJ-1400
Cutter Diameter(mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
Rotating Speed of Cutter(r/min) 610 610 490 490
Length of Wood Chip(mm) 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50
2-15 2-15 2-15 2-15
Feeding Way Oblique Under Oblique Under Oblique Under Oblique Under
Feeding Port Size(mm) 200*200 300*320 330*350 360*370
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 4-6 6-8 8-10
Motor Power(Kw) 30 37 45 55-75
Maximum diameter of cutting timber(mm) Φ190 Φ290 Φ330 Φ350
Discharge Way Oblique Upper Oblique Upper Oblique Upper Oblique Upper
Weight(kg) 1680 2720 3560 4120
Dimension(mm) 1800*700*1200 2100*1000*1300 2200*1200*1300 2600*1300*1900

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