Compostite Wood Grinder is mainly crushed wood, wood and other items, to achieve the highest value, reduce environmental pollution, crusher is faster, ideal, affordable a broken wood equipment. Finished shape from the sawdust, granular to the sheet can be freely adjusted. Compound wood grinder can process the larger diameter pine, hardwood, cypress, fir, bamboo, can also used for cutting bamboo, grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fiber straw shaped material, crushing effect is good, the output is big

Compostite Wood Grinder is divided into:

General wood crusher, small wood crusher, large wood crusher, standard wood crusher and so on.
Compostite Wood Grinder Advantages
1. Wood crusher (sawdust grinder, wood shredder) produced fine;
2. High processing technology, the use of double-body, the body into the tap water to play a role in water;
3. Load a new material, play a sound insulation, cooling function.
Summary: so the wood crusher in the production of noise in the use of small, no vibration.
Compostite Wood Grinder Product advantages:
1, convenient transportation, can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transport efficiency;
2, after shredding the metal easy to break the secondary treatment;
3, easier to store, you can save a lot of space;
 4, easy to use and re-processing.
Technical parameters of composite wood grinder:
Model Power
Crushing Particle Size(mm) Crushing Chamber Length(mm) Rotor Diameter (mm) Overall Size
FF-1000 75 2-3 1970 1-10 1000 860 2900*1600*1200
FF-1200 90 3-5 1970 1-10 1200 860 4000*1700*1700
FF-1400 110 5-7 1970 1-10 1400 860 4000*1900*1800

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