Corn Stalk Crusher is a kind of corn stalks, wheat straw and other segments, or crushed into fine crushing equipment. According to the degree of crushing can be divided into peeling machine, grinder two models. Corn Stalk Crusher can be directly crushed into a bundle of straw, forage, the material requirements are relatively low, you can crush the different lengths of water, corn stalks. Rotary type corn stalk crusher cut out the finished product diameter is relatively large, if the requirements are more stringent, requiring powder is relatively small, then you need hammer-type corn stalk crusher, and is the most commonly used corn stalk crusher models The And equipment to replace the screen convenience, the need for different specifications of the straw can replace the straw. Corn stalk crusher is the production of feed or straw fuel important equipment, Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd. from 98 years began to produce corn stalk mill, has a wealth of experience and advanced technology, Yulong's crusher with alloy hammer, wear Durable, reasonable structure of the equipment design, then the power can be used, easy to replace the screen, welcome to visit the factory to buy.

JL new corn stalk grinder Uses:

1, can be crushed herbs, some chemical materials, branches, bark and a variety of dry and wet straw. Adjustable thickness, is a professional processing units and breeding plants (specialized households) the ideal equipment.
2, straw mill is mainly used for crop stalks, branches 5 cm below the diameter of plant straw shredding, can also be used for a variety of crop straw and forage chopping processing. The machine is mainly used for the processing of cotton stalk, bark, branches, corn stalks, straw, straw and other biomass chopping processing, processing of finished products can be used for power generation, paper, wood-based panels, refined alcohol and so on.
3, straw mill is mainly applied to crushing the growth period of a variety of plants within a year: such as can be crushed cotton, corn stalks, eggplant, pepper seedlings, crushing length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. Crushed agricultural plant debris can be used to produce raw materials such as organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, paper and other production industries.
The equipment will be difficult to sell a large number of green garbage waste into treasure, play a new economic value, but also to protect the environment, improve the soil, to create a good social benefits.
Corn Stalk Crusher works
Corn Stalk Crusher can be equipped with motor, diesel engine or 30-50 horsepower tractor, the host by the feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, throwing institutions, transmission, travel agencies, protective devices and racks and other components. With reasonable structure, easy to move, automatic feeding, safe and reliable and so on.

product structure

1, feeding institutions: mainly by the feeding station, up and down Cao Kun, set the blade, set the knife bearing seat composition.
2, cut off the throwing institutions: mainly by the knife, cutter, locking screws and other components.
3, transmission: mainly by the V-belt, drive shaft, gear, universal joints and other components.
4, walking institutions: mainly composed of caster.
5, protective device: by the protective cover composition.
Technical Parameters
Parameter of New Corn Stalk Crusher
Model Power Speed(r/min) Main shaft rotary speed(r/min) Weight Triangle belt Yield
PJ-800 4-30kw 1400r/min 1400r/min 1150/kg B#2600*4 1000-1500kg
PJ-1000 4-45kw 1000r/min 1000r/min 1950/kg B#3300*4 2000-3000kg

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