Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use the garden tree shredder. At present, China's garden sector for the road, landscaping pruning of the branches and shreds of the majority of the machine is imported from abroad, the price is very expensive, my company through the hard work of the R & D department, the latest garden dedicated tree branches shredder, fill The current domestic such garden machinery blank, I produced the garden dedicated garden branches shredders stable performance, high efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable. This product can be similar with foreign similar products, to the domestic advanced level.

Garden tree shredder

I recently introduced the garden dedicated garden tree slicer shredder for garden, forestry, road trees conservation, parks, golf courses and other departments, mainly used for crushing pruning trees cut all kinds of branches, crushed after the cover can be used as a garden Bed, organic fertilizer, edible fungi, biomass power generation, can also be used to produce high density board, particleboard, paper industry and so on. Crushed after the direct injection into the transport vehicle, this section of the garden dedicated tree branches shredder with diesel engine as the driving force, anytime, anywhere crushed branches, easy to move. Garden branches and slices shredder set slices, crushed as one, can be cut diameter 1 - 20 cm branches and branches, mainly used for processing pine, Zamu, Yang wood, fir, bamboo and other materials, more suitable for consumption Bacteria in the culture medium. At the same time the device can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalk and other fiber stalk-like material chips.
Garden tree branches shredders performance characteristics:
1, easy to operate, simple maintenance, durable and efficient,
2 garden tree slicer shredder by the drum-type cutting system, high stability, and with automatic feed design, can greatly improve the efficiency of the machine.
3, garden branches Slice crusher parts are made of high quality steel, after all kinds of precision CNC machining equipment to ensure that the machine is durable.
4, the outlet is high, and with a deflector in order to adjust the discharge angle, the material can be concentrated to the designated location, greatly facilitate the recovery of crushed material.
6, broken branch machine drive, electronic control and other key matching, are selected well-known brands, stable and reliable performance.
technical parameter
 Model  Power  Diesal model  Diesal start mode Oil consumption /hour Max diameter Capacity Rotary speed Movement mode
PJ-570 22kw PJ 4100(Pressurized) Electric start 6L ≤150mm 1500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -670 30kw 4105 Electric start 8L ≤200mm 2500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -770 45kw PJ 4105(Pressurized) Electric start 10L ≤230mm 3500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -870 55kw 6105 Electric start 15L ≤250mm 4500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -970 75kw PJ 6105(Pressurized) Electric start 18L ≤300mm 5500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move

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