Mobile sawdust grinder is a new type of production of wood powder before the production of the ideal mechanical equipment, wood, fork and other raw materials can be processed into a sawdust, with less investment, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, good economic returns, the use of maintenance Convenient and so on. The Mobile sawdust grinder is particularly suitable for wood chips in edible fungus media, consisting mainly of shredding devices, crushing units and fans. Mobile sawdust grinder is the main raw material for the production of wood flour and biomass particles, can be branches, trunks, furniture factory corner scrap Processed into different thickness of the sawdust. The use of wood shredders is not only used for wood crushing, other uses are also very wide, the finished product thickness, particles, block size is generally determined by the screen bottom.

How to work on

General wood crusher is the raw material through the feed port into the host crushing chamber, the use of crushing the room in the high-speed rotation of the material under the hit, and hit the open chat and then hit the high-speed chamber to the manganese steel liner, Crushed again, to achieve fineness through the screen by the fan pumping to the designated place.
The principle of structure
Mobile sawdust grinder uses three motors, three rotors. The top of the motor and the rotor installed in the same base, the use of pin coupling direct drive, the bottom two motors with belt drive, all the rotor dynamic balance check; symmetrical operation door on both sides of the safety interlock device to ensure The operating door can not be opened, the operation door can be easily replaced sieve or hammer, easy to repair; feed port at the top of the grinder, with various forms of feeding institutions match; hammer symmetrical arrangement. The machine structure is reasonable, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, small vibration, high productivity.
Technical Parameters
Sawdust mill main technical parameters
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg /h) Blade quantity Slice blade quantity Blade length(mm) Sloped input diameter(mm) Main shaft rotary speed(r/min) Weight(kg) Dimension(cm)
PJ-500 15 200-300 12 4 120 150*160 1400 300 120*70*73
PJ-600 18.5-22 300-1000 32 3 200 160*180 1400 800 130*98*73
PJ-800 37-45 1000-2000 42 4 240 200*220 1200 1400 200*100*130
PJ-1000 55-75 2000-3000 52 4 340 300*320 1000 2200 230*175*230
PJ-1200 75-90 3000-4000 62 4-6 380 350*400 1000 3200 260*200*240

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