New wood grinder is used for bamboo flour, fruit shell, Chinese herbal medicine, bark, leaf, wheat bran, turtle, turmeric, rice husk, corn cob, orange, starch, grain, shrimp, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables Sorbitan, gouache, pumpkin, seasoning, jujube, paper, circuit board, plastic, chemical raw materials, marine products, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, lees, furfural, cakes, charcoal, activated carbon Such as cellulose, potato residue, tea, hair, soybean meal, cotton, leather, sheepskin, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, all kinds of edible fungi and other hundreds of difficult materials processing, chemical, building materials, Health care, breeding, food, mosquito coils and other industries commonly used grinder.

New wood grinder Features:

  The machine is used for light material, fiber materials, brittle materials, tough materials and other special difficult to crush the milling equipment.
New wood grinder is my company in the mill market and a new product, this product can guarantee the finished product standard rate, to solve the inconvenience caused by uneven product fineness, the internal standard stainless steel mesh preparation, the number of arbitrary choice, Standard, small footprint, easy packaging, simple operation, no dust pollution, is the ideal milling equipment.

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