The material processed by the Template crusher is mainly a number of waste woods, such as waste building templates, wooden pallets, containers, wooden pallets, crates and the like. Template crusher these wood, can not avoid the nails, with ordinary wood chip processing will damage the machine blade, our company in 2015 the latest development of the new Template crusher equipment, not afraid of the site of bamboo or sheet metal tray , Is a professional smashing bamboo sheet, the site on the old template, wooden pallets and other materials, the ideal choice.

Introduction to template crusher

The use of hammer, hook beat the principle of the completion of the purpose of broken wood, finished products probably and the size of the match sticks almost the same, the use of hammers, hooks and other materials, The template grinder is widely used in waste stencil processing plants, bamboo sheet processing plants, wood-based panel mills, composite mills, power plant boilers and other raw materials, as well as individual wood processing plant use. Used wood crusher, wood tray crusher is made by our factory according to hammer crusher, hammer mill structure principle according to customer needs, R & D production of large-scale Building templates, old furniture, waste tray, bamboo plastic board special equipment.
Template crusher structure
Mainly by the rack, shell, motor base, shaft, hammer, induced fan and other components. The machine design structure is simple and reasonable, easy to repair, power consumption is small, high efficiency. And not afraid of the site on the bamboo sheet or cargo tray on the nail, is a professional crushed bamboo plastic sheet, the site on the old template, wooden pallets and other materials, the ideal choice.
The template crusher is suitable for all kinds of wood, building templates, wood and other materials broken, especially for the waste building template crusher, old furniture grinder, bamboo plate crusher, wooden tray grinder, wooden tray grinder easy to use The High yield, small power. Nail with a wood crusher is my company's latest development of wood crushing machinery, in the newly developed new product specific data.
Technical parameters
Model Feeding belt width Feeeding size (mm) Main machine motor(kw) Motor(kw) Feeding speed (m/s) Conveying rotary speed(r/min) Crusher rotary speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t)
PJ-500 500 500*100 22 4 0.45 650 680 1-3 3
PJ-800 800 800*120 37 4 0.65 650 680 3-8 6
PJ-1000 1000 1000*150 45 4 0.75 650 680 5-10 8
PJ-1300 1300 1200*200 75 5.5 0.8 650 680 7-15 12
PJ-1500 1500 1500*250 90-132 7.5*2 1.1 650 680 12-25 16

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