Tire Crushing Machine in the rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries, the ever-changing raw materials, under normal circumstances, from raw materials to finished products, are subject to coarse broken, fine broken, sieving process, and in the first road rough broken process, The shape of the hardness, different materials, to the process has brought some difficulty. Tire Crushing Machine can also be called hybrid rubber crusher, mixed rubber is actually different from the waste tires raw materials, such as scrap soles, rubber products scrap, bike tires, etc., these collectively referred to as plastic, take the old soles, China is a shoe manufacturing power, the annual production of rubber in more than 13 trillion pairs. But the shoes in the production process will have a lot of corner scrap, in the past these waste or to the garbage dumped, or to the incinerator in a burning, into a variety of toxic and harmful gases pollution of our air. On the other hand, China is the world's largest rubber consumer, but also a lack of rubber resources in the country, the annual need for more than 75% of natural rubber imports. The precious rubber resources so as garbage disposal, really pity. Today, the use of rubber crusher in the past not to be seen rubber material scrap is also gradually "reborn", turned a new raw material - recycled rubber powder.

Tire Crushing Machine Application

Waste tire processing crushed after the powder, rubber Uses:
Waste tires will be crushed after three states: block, particles, powder.
1. Block easy to transport.
2. Particles for rubber tiles, plastic runway and so on.
3. Powder is widely used:

Tire Crushing Machine Applicable material range

Runway, school sports grounds, garden trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber floor tiles, antistatic floor tiles, artificial turf, playground, artificial grass soccer field, kindergarten sports venues and casino tennis and basketball courts. Rubber tiles, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed skin granules, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf courses, aircraft stadiums, basketball courts and leisure and entertainment, EPDM security mats, gym mats, all kinds of stadium mats.

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