Air dryer is a hot air pulse dryer, also known as hot air pipe dryer, the advantages of this dryer is direct heating, drying fast, foldable installation, save space. Air dryer is to wet the raw material and high temperature air mixed walk, and finally through the separator to separate the water from the raw materials. Dryers are widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. Air dryer drying strength, drying time is short; air dryer structure is simple, small footprint, easy to build and maintenance. Handling capacity, high thermal efficiency. Air dryer using airflow instant dry principle, with dry strength, short drying time, less energy consumption, easy operation, good product quality and so on. After drying the starch, the product has a clean appearance, shiny, high fineness, stable water content, impurity pollution and other advantages. Air dryer for starch, rice flour, food, medicine, chemical and other industries dry powder, flake, the ideal material for heat-sensitive materials. The use of this equipment can be the smallest investment, the lowest energy consumption, the least manpower and the site, the fastest speed, to obtain the best economic benefits.

Air dryer features:

1, air dryer drying strength: air dryer due to high air flow, the material dispersed in the gas phase is good, you can all the surface of the material as a dry effective area, so the limited area of ​​dry greatly increased. At the same time, due to the drying and agitation of the role of dry, so that the gasification surface constantly updated, so the dry heat transfer process strength.
2, air dryer drying time is short: the material and air contact time is very short, the drying time is generally 0.5 to 5 seconds, for the heat or low melting point materials will not cause overheating or decomposition of its quality.
3, the air dryer high thermal efficiency: air drying using material and gas co-operation, from beginning to end the material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state, drying time is short, which can use a higher drying temperature.
4, air dryer for a wide range of applications, high output, large precipitation; simple structure, small site area, low investment and maintenance costs.
5, air dryer Dry air source: fuel furnace, gas furnace, coal-fired hot stove, steam heat exchanger.
The nature of airflow dryer
1. Drying raw materials: rice husk, sawdust and crushed after the bubble flowers, branches, wood chips and other granular materials (diameter less than 3mm, length less than 5mm). The following are the same as the "
2. Airflow dryer production efficiency: hot air at 180 ℃, the relative humidity of 35% of the sawdust or rice husk drying to the relative temperature of 10%. Hot air temperature of not less than 180 ℃, up to 300 ℃. The following are the same as the "
3. Fuel can be used: firewood (wood), coal, steam or electric heating.
Technical Parameters
model Diameter (mm) Water evaporation (kg / h) power (kw) Area (m2)
PJ25 250 30-80 13 15
PJ30 300 70-150 16.5 20
PJ35 350 100-200 22 25
PJ40 400 120-250 29 25
PJ50 500 200-400 50.2 30
PJ60 600 300-600 68.2 40

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