Chicken manure dryer for large, medium and small farms and aquaculture more developed areas, according to the requirements of drying products, can use different heat sources. Such as: gas furnace, direct hot stove, indirect hot stove, heat transfer oil, electric heating, steam and so on. This machine is suitable for chicken manure with less than 65% water content, duck manure, livestock manure, slaughterhouse and so on. It has good effect on opening up feed resources, reducing feeding cost and reducing environmental pollution. Chicken Manure Cattle Manure Dryer is designed to dry chicken manure dung, the chicken chow manure re-add fertilizer ingredients made: fish feed, fruit trees and other sales. Chicken manure manure dryer is the biggest performance characteristics of dust and deodorant, fresh chicken manure dung variable pig feed, waste is also organic fertilizer. Chicken Manure Cattle Manure Dryer can dry up to 70% to 80% of the water content of the feces to 13% moisture content of the feces. The whole process of running the chicken manure dung dryer is in a fully enclosed state. Which can reduce the pollution of the environment and can play the role of energy saving and environmental protection. Chicken Manure Manure Dryer is the necessary equipment for making organic manure for pure chicken manure. Pure chicken manure manure is organic fertilizer is fresh chicken manure dung as the main raw material.

Chicken Manure Dryer works:

The odorless chicken manure dryer is mainly composed of heat supply, feeding machine, feeder, rotary drum, material crushing device, discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloader and distribution cabinet. Dryer, the drum in the uniform copy of the copy machine, the material in the chicken manure dryer evenly dispersed with hot air full contact to speed up the dry heat transfer, mass transfer. In the drying process, the material with the tilt of the copy board and hot air under the effect of the dryer to another star discharge valve discharge products.
Chicken Manure Dryer Function:
1, chicken manure dryer production process: the machine will contain 65% of the water of fresh chicken manure after high temperature drying, disinfection and sterilization, decomposition and other processes dried with water containing 13% of pure chicken manure organic fertilizer.
2, drying finished products: the organic fertilizer crops are necessary for a variety of nutrients. The scientific research department found that: the fertilizer nitrogen content of 2.6%, phosphorus content of 3.5%, potassium content of 2.5%, crude protein 16-25%, organic matter 45%. Is pollution-free green food cultivation of the best choice of fertilizer, can also be used to feed fish, cattle, pigs and so on.
3, chicken manure odorless drying mechanization of a high degree of production capacity, can be continuous operation.
4, excellent structure, simple material through the cylinder running a smooth operation, easy to operate.
5, less failure, low maintenance costs ﹑ low power consumption
6, a wide range of products, dryness of the product is good.
7, dry at the same time can achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.
Technical Parameters
model Daily production (T) Feed delivery (T / h) power Area (m2)
      PJQ-1 5-8 0.6-1 9.5kw 25
 PJQ-Ⅱ 12-15 1.5-2.5 13kw 35
PJQ-Ⅲ 15-20 2.5-3.5 18.5kw 45
PJQ-Ⅳ 35-42 4-5 26kw 60
PJQ-Ⅴ 50-60 5-6 33.5kw 80
PJQ-Ⅵ 70-85 6-7 37kw 100

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