Pasture dryer equipment: hot stove, dryer, conveyor, chaff cutter, separator, baling machine, fan, speed motor, operating cabinet and so on. Pasture dryer to coal as fuel, through the high temperature furnace to produce a strong dry hot air, so that the material in the drying cylinder and hot air in direct contact with a spiral according to the curve forward, to achieve the purpose of drying. Output per hour 200-1000KG / H, power 39.9-110KW, the use of temperature control system, raw materials cut to finished product storage one-stop production.

Pasture drying machine production process:

The unit is to be cut or kneaded after cutting the grass, using the most scientific drying technology to coal (natural gas, gas) as energy, with hot air for the drying medium, the use of strong hot air on the grass for the hot moment of poor temperature Fast drying process, the host drive using electronic control stepless speed control, and is equipped with automatic temperature control device, dry after the dry product directly by the briquetting machine briquetting, easy to store and transport.
The main features of pasture dryer:
(1) advanced technology, stable performance: the unit uses a two-stage drying process, to prevent the grass in the dryer equipment, burning and dust explosion.
(2) high precipitation: the water content of 60-70% of the fresh fast drying of 15% of the following dry products, drying speed, to keep the fresh nutrients in the grass.
(3) wide applicability: can be dried a variety of forage and corn stalks, and drying costs low.
(4) can be a multi-purpose: summer and autumn can be processed alfalfa and other fresh grass, winter and spring processing corn stalks, etc., the annual production. The unit can be used together with the set, but also according to the requirements of stand-alone operation, significantly improve the utilization of dryer equipment and business efficiency.
Technical Parameters
model PJ300 PJ500 PJ1000 PJ2000
capacity (kg / h) 300 500 1000 2000
Fresh pasture water content 60%-70%
Dry pasture water
Applicable forage
power supply
Coal consumption 200-300Kg standard coal / ton product
Power consumption (degrees / hour) 60 70 110 190
Area 20m×15m 25m×15m 30m×20m 35m×20m

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