Sawdust dryer refers to the powder and granular wet sawdust, the use of a screw conveyor to join the drying tube. Mainly by the air heater, feeder, air drying tube, cyclone separator, fan and other components. Sawdust dryer is a dryer, refers to the powder-like wet sawdust, the use of a screw conveyor to join the drying tube. In the transport and dispersion of the high-speed hot gas stream, the moisture in the wet material is evaporated to obtain a powder or granulated product.

Sawdust dryer working principle

Including the hot air stove, the inlet, the rotating cylinder, the filter tube, the material conveying pipe, the cooling tube and the discharge port. The rotating cylinder is located on the active roller. The driving roller is driven by the motor and the decelerating drive to rotate the rotating cylinder at low speed, The drum is provided with a feeding port, the stirring cylinder is provided with a frying blade, and a baffle is arranged at the connection between the rotating cylinder and the filter drum 4. The one end of the filter cylinder is connected with the rotating cylinder and the other end And the filter tube is provided with a stopper, the bottom of the filter cartridge is provided with a slag discharging hole, one end of the cooling cylinder is connected with the material conveying pipe through the blower and the other end is connected with the discharge port. So sawdust can be fully dry in the rotating cylinder, and the sawdust in the material into the tube before the full spread again, so that the water evaporates fast, the block can be sawdust in the impurities to block, to ensure that the material into the tube in the quality of sawdust. Sawdust into the wood dryer dryer by the injection tube and rotary cylinder together, the material boiling in the tube fluid, hot air and material full touch, complete the dry.
Performance characteristics of sawdust dryer
1, the drying strength is large, because the material is highly dispersed in the air flow, the total surface area of ​​the particles is extremely dry effective area.
2, short drying time
3, air dryer structure is simple, small footprint, easy to build and maintenance.
4, handling capacity, high thermal efficiency. When dry non-binding water, the thermal efficiency of up to 60%.
Technical Parameters
Model (mm) Tilt (%) Speed (r / min) Intake Temperature (° C) Power (kw)
PJM -Ⅰ 0-1 2-6 ≤500 4
PJM -Ⅱ 0-1 2-6 ≤500 5.5
PJM -Ⅲ 0-1 2-6 ≤500 7.5
PJM -Ⅳ 0-1 2-6 ≤500 11
PJM -Ⅴ 0-1 2-6 ≤550 15
PJM -Ⅵ 0-1 2-6 ≤550 18.5

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