Straw dryer is mainly for sugarcane, bamboo, corn, forage, rice and other crops of stem and leaf drying dehydration, to meet the requirements of the professional indicators of water and mechanical equipment. At present, the technology has matured, the performance is stable, the market price is transparent, the comprehensive service system of the manufacturer is perfect, the function of the straw dryer is gradually low and efficient, and is divided into three-layer rotary drum dryer and single- Dryer.

Straw dryer working principle

     The material is first fed into the inner layer of the rotary drum by the feeding device, is carried out in the middle of the circulation, and is continuously collected in the inner layer of the copy board, and the heat exchange is carried out in the spiral direction; the other end of the inner layer is moved into the middle , And then in the middle layer can not only fully absorb the heat emitted by the inner layer of the drum, but also absorb the heat of the middle roller, while the same time, Extend the drying time, the material here to achieve the best dry state. The last material line to the other end of the middle layer and fall into the outer layer, in the outer drum was rectangular multi-loop way to achieve the effect of drying materials in the hot air under the action of the rapid discharge of the drum, did not reach the drying effect of wet material due to their own weight can not be fast Travel, in this rectangular copy board to fully dry, thus completing the entire drying process.

Main Features of Straw Dryer

1, automatic control, you can ensure that the drying of wood moisture evenly and steadily;
2, automatic stone, in addition to iron, can ensure that the baking material impurities do not enter after the process;
3, the investment required for equipment is foreign imports of 1/6;
4, the cylinder self-insulation thermal efficiency as high as 70% or more (the traditional single cylinder dryer thermal efficiency of only 35%), improve thermal efficiency of more than 50%;
5, the use of tail drive, transmission more stable and reliable; completely change the wheel rotation often slip affect the production phenomenon;
6, a variety of weekly hairpin combination distribution, effective control of drying time. Drying effect is good;
7, according to user requirements to easily control the final moisture index;
8, the use of variable frequency control material flow, according to user needs to easily control the final moisture index;
9, the outlet temperature is low, dust removal equipment for a long time, continuous production for the next process;
10, supporting a new type of energy-saving hot stove, energy efficient, thermal control, simple operation, coal consumption down as high as 60%, 50% lower power consumption and reduce operating costs.
Technical Parameters
 Model (mm) Tilt% Speed r / min Intake air temperature (℃) Power (Kw) Volume (m) capacity t / h Weight (t)
Φ600×6000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 3 1.69 0.5-1.5 2.9
Φ800×8000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 4.01 0.8-2.0 3.5
Φ800×10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 5.02 0.8-2.5 4.5
Φ1000×10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 5.5 7.85 1.0-3.5 5.6
Φ1200×10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 7.5 11.30 1.8-5 14.5
Φ1200×12000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 11 13.56 2-6 14.8
Φ1500×12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 15 21.19 3.5-9 17.8
Φ1800×12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 18 30.52 5-12 25
Φ2200×12000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 18.5 45.59 6-15 33
Φ2200×18000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 22 68.38 10-18 53.8
Φ2200×20000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 30 75.98 12-20 56
Φ2400×20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 37 90.43 18-30 60
Φ3000×20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 55 141.3 25-35 78
Φ3000×25000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 75 176.6 32-40 104.9

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