Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use bamboo chip machine. Bamboo particles particles machine is bamboo, bamboo, bamboo powder, bamboo and other raw materials to suppress the granulation of particles. The bamboo chip granulator is suitable for investment in areas with abundant bamboo resources. Bamboo chip particle machine is a series of centrifugal efficient particles in a special bamboo for the development of special granulator. The use of vertical ring mold design, easy to feed, to suppress uniform, yield, good effect. The pellet fuel produced by the bamboo chip granulator is made by pressing the raw materials such as bamboo chips and straw with pressure roller and ring mold under normal temperature condition. The density of raw materials is generally 0.6-0.8 or so, the particle density after molding is greater than 1.1, the transportation and storage are extremely convenient. At the same time, the combustion performance of the granule fuel produced by the bamboo chip particle machine is greatly improved, and the dependence on the petrochemical energy and the atmosphere emission.

Bamboo particle machine features:

1, vertical ring mold design, vertical feeding, not easy to arch, and good heat dissipation
2, the mold stationary, pressure roller high-speed rotation, resulting in centrifugal force, bamboo dust in the role of centrifugal force, evenly distributed in the mold above. This improves the pressing efficiency and also reduces wear and improves the service life.
3, two sets of automatic refueling lubrication device to ensure that the large shaft and the pressure wheel for a long time continuous operation.
4, with air-cooled dust removal device, packaging machine cooling at the same time to collect dust to ensure that the working environment clean.
The working principle of bamboo chip particle machine
1, the main body: the fuselage as an independent rectangular column, the device on the closure of the bearing block and the powder bucket connection, powder bucket to the body, which is equipped with a V-shaped chassis, the ground wide and flat, so under the installation , Can be placed indoors.
2, the particle manufacturing device: rotating drum lying under the stove in the front, before and after the bearing bearing, which through the rack of the drive, for the reverse rotation, the front of the front bearing cover for the activities of the assembly and disassembly, as long as the spin The next wing nut, bearing cap and rotary drum can be pulled out, placed at both ends of the drum with a convex square ring, embedded in the bearing chamber, so that the oil can not penetrate the powder and not sticky plug.
3, gear box: the use of worm gear, speed ratio to 1:12, the box can be stored in oil, to ensure good gear lubrication and no noise, the box can be observed on the mirror, observe the operation and oil storage, Equipped with eccentric shaft, driven rack for reciprocating motion.

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