Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use bark bark granule machine. Bark granule machine suitable for pressing difficult to bond, forming difficult materials, such as: rice husk, sunflower seed shell, peanut shell and other melon shells, crop stalks; branches, tree sticks, bark and other wood scrap; Rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. Used in feed plants, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc., is a small investment, risk-free, ideal compression compact molding equipment. Widely used in biomass fuel plants, biomass boilers, power plants and other enterprises. The bark granule machine is a machine that presses the bark of raw materials such as eucalyptus bark, pine bark and the like into a fuel particle. The pressing process does not require the addition of any adhesive, depending on the stickiness of the bark fibers. After forming the bark particles, strong and smooth, easy to burn, smoke-free gas is an environmentally friendly biomass pellet fuel.

Bark granule machine equipment principle:

Bark granule machine works is, extrusion molding. After the crushing of the bark sawdust, the pressure wheel is squeezed into the mold aperture, from which the extrusion. This process requires a lot of pressure on the particle machine requirements are relatively high.
Bark granule machine features:
    1, independent lubrication device, automatic oil, improve bearing life.
    2, large reducer, the pressure is large, not blocking mold.
    3, two molds can have double life, increase production and reduce costs.
    4, mold stand, from bottom to bottom into the feed, do not fight arch.
    5, mold static, pressure wheel rotation, the material through the centrifugal force to the surrounding dispersion.
    6, with a cooling device, so that the machine can run 24 hours without stopping.
    7, since the major, stable operation, can be placed directly on the ground can be.
    8, beautiful appearance, stable.

Bark granule machine Note:

    1, this page describes the bark granule machine picture, for the Xinchang mechanical workshop real shot scene, beware of network Pirates of the map, so you suffer losses.
    2, to provide test machine services, to provide customer cases, welcome to visit at any time.
    3, the bark must be crushed before they can do granules, material moisture requirements below 20%, high need to dry. Granulation does not require the addition of adhesive.

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