Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use corn stalk particles machine. Corn straw straw machine is a kind of biomass fuel machinery, with corn stalks, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, wood chaff, wood flour, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shells, peanut and other raw materials, The corn and other straw processing into high-quality molding fuel. The use of corn straw pellet machine straw into pellets, not only reduces the trouble of straw storage and transportation, but also make these straw burning more, more fully, after processing particles can be widely used in fireplaces, boilers, gasifiers, Biomass power plant occasions. Can also be used as feed to feed livestock and poultry. Widely used in feed plants, breeding plants.

Working principle of corn straw granule machine

1, vertical feeding, directly in place.
2, mold static, pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, evenly around.
3, mold two, up and down dual-use, cost reduction efficiency; can also be dual-use, high yield and energy saving.
4, ring mold, vertical structure, conducive to the cooling chamber cooling.
5, a separate discharge device to ensure that the particle forming rate.
6, an independent lubrication system, can be achieved without automatic lubrication.
7, the device structure is solid, safe and stable, compared to the same industry products, the failure rate is much lower.
8, closed feed, dust negative pressure recovery, to ensure the clean working environment, while the particles without product residue.
9, the use of conical pressure roller, and both ends of the mold plate, the outer ring line speed, there is no wheel and mold dislocation friction, reducing resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss, extending the life of the mold, reducing production costs The
10, granulation chamber with three observation doors, materials at any time cleaning, equipment maintenance.
11, pressure roller uniform layout, smooth operation, an increase of the suppression area, improve production efficiency.
12, the use of the center of the regulator structure, the mold gap with the small with small, to adapt to different materials, to suppress.
The use of vertical feed, pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, evenly distributed around the ring mold, vertical structure, conducive to the granulation chamber cooling. Mold two layers, up and down dual-use, cost reduction efficiency. Machine operation is convenient, stable operation. Can be continuous work.For crop straw, bamboo, rice husk, peanut shell and other effective suppression.Stressed particles with high density, high combustion value, low moisture, low ash and other advantages.
1, clean environmental protection, green energy: the detection, the sulfur content of 0.16% to 0.22%, much lower than the coal 1% to 3% of the sulfur content, is an environmentally friendly clean energy. The following are the same as the "
2, low cost, high added value: the raw material is very low, the use of low cost. After burning the ashes, rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other elements, is a good inorganic fertilizer.
3, the density becomes larger, storage and transportation convenience: particle fuel density, density of 1.2 or more, an area of ​​small, easy to transport and storage. Easy to ignite, high calorific value, fire fierce, available bags, easy access.
Application: suitable for rural areas, towns, units and families, is the heating, bathing, canteen cooking, burning boilers and straw power plant ideal fuel.

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