Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use cotton straw pellet machine. Cotton Straw Granulator is mainly based on cotton straw as raw material of biomass pellet fuel molding equipment, made of particles can be used as fuel, widely used in hospitals, schools, biomass power plants, industrial boilers, home heating.

The Processing Principle of Cotton Straw Granulator

Cotton straw processing need to use straw mill to be crushed before processing, first the cotton straw crushed into a sawdust, in the suppression of particles before the cotton straw water content can not exceed 16%, crushed straw after the use of screw feeder to the granule granary , The particle motor drive reducer drive the spindle, the spindle drives the mold plate rotation, the pressure roller shaft rotation while driving the pressure roller rotation. When the raw material is fed into the feeding chamber of the granulator, the material falls on the mold plate. At this time, the pressing roller rolls the material layer continuously with the rotation of the spindle, and the material is squeezed into the die hole, Of the material is squeezed into the mold hole by the roller, the mold plate below the cylindrical state is constantly squeezed out, and then according to the length of the material required, the cutter will cut off the material to form particles, throwing the material will be sent out of particles, Extrusion process, particle extrusion process according to different materials debugging is also different.
Cotton Straw Granulator for Granules for Raw Material Requirements:
1, straw raw material size maintained at 3-5mm
2, water content of 15% -18%
If the raw materials do not meet the above two requirements, need to configure the grinder and dryer.
Cotton Straw Granule Production Process:
Raw materials - crushing - drying - granulation - cooling - dust - packaging
Cotton Straw Granulator Features:
1, easy to operate, high degree of automation.
2, the structure is reasonable, an increase of service life.
3, patented mold, adjustable particle diameter size.
4, granulation speed, to solve the cotton straw fiber granulation difficult problem.
5, pressure roller can be automatically adjusted to avoid the phenomenon of crowded group, boring machine.
6, finished particles of good quality, easy to transport and storage.
Cotton Straw Granulator Construction:
Particle machine by the motor, gearbox reducer, spindle, mold plate, pressure roller, nose, scraper, base and other components
Cotton straw grain production line equipment:
Straw crusher, conveyor, dust removal equipment, induced draft fan, particle machine, control cabinet, silo and other mechanical auxiliary equipment
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