Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use flat die machine. Flat granule machine is mainly used for crude fiber compression molding, such as corn stalks, peanut shells, rice husk, corn cob, cottonseed, wheat straw, sunflower hull, wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, weeds and other crops Straw, garbage, waste plastics and factory waste, low bonding rate, difficult to shape the material, flat die machine can also be applied to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer and other low-temperature granulation.

Flat die particle machine works:

When the machine is working, the press roller and the die relative movement of the material will be held, compressed, compacted into the mold hole, through the mold and then cut to form a grain or block. Flat die granulator is divided into two kinds of transmission form: one is the pressure roller frame fixed on the shell, the spindle drives the stamper active operation, the pressure roller is passive; the other is the stamper is fixed, the spindle drives the roller movement, the pressure The roller rotates at the same time as the revolution. Although the two transmission methods are different, but the working principle is the same.
Flat die particle machine equipment features:
Pioneer mechanical die particles particle structure is simple, easy to operate, stable operation, continuous work. Pressed particles with high density, high combustion value, low moisture, low ash and other advantages. The machine gearbox adopts high precision gear transmission, four sets of gear docking, hydraulic oil system can be automatic transmission between the gearbox and spindle bearings to the oil, the machine work, the oil pump continues to work, the machine can work in the oil cycle can be extended Spindle and gearbox gear life. Machine parts (mold plate, pressure roller) for the alloy steel material, heat treatment after processing hardness of up to 50 or more, to ensure the continuous work of the machine to extend the life of the machine. Host electronic control system using star delta start international standard configuration, running more stable.
1. Dry into the dry, no drying (raw material moisture is not less than the national export volume of water standards 13%);
2, the use of differential, universal joint drive, with the motor. Low energy consumption, high yield, easy to operate;
3. The use of extrusion granulation, polishing the whole new technology, completely solve the traditional granulation process organic raw materials to add low (about 30%), the difficulty of granulation, raw materials need to dry crushing and other key technical issues;
4. Can produce round pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer; particles uniform, smooth, round, high strength, good mobility.
Name Model Yield(kg/h) Power(kw)
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 400-600 88
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 400-800 30
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 500-1200 37
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 600-1500 45
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-I 300-500 30
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-II 400-800 37
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-III 600-1000 45
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-IIII 600-1500 55
Flat die machine8-20mm HMK-I 800-1000 55
Flat die machine8-20mm HMK-II 1000-1200 75
Flat die machine8-20mm HMK-III 1200-1500 90
Flat die machine8-20mm HMK-IIII 1800-2000 110

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