Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use rice hull particles machine. The rice husk granule machine is the mechanical equipment that presses the rice husk into granule machine. The equipment of our company according to the needs of the market and the development of new granulation equipment, specifically for rice husk, peanut shells, sunflower seeds and other shell materials processing, rice husk granulator to achieve the best results of granulation equipment , Occupy a certain market, in the same industry at the leading level.

Rice husk granule machine design principles:

1, rice husk pellet machine pressure wheel size by the mold diameter limit, the pressure is not adjustable, in the suppression of wood chips and peanut skin and other crude fiber materials, the machine design under a certain pressure difficult to form, even if some manufacturers in the material selection and so on Is in place, but it is due to overload work, the machine wears great, mold pressure wheel need to be replaced in time, and the mold can only be used once, follow-up costs are great.
2, rice husk granulator using three conical pressure roller, using a complete steel structure, the middle of a large axis, the following is equipped with heat treatment of the mold, the mold to drive the top of the three pressure rotation, adjustable pressure, stable production , The particle density is large, and both sides of the mold can be used. The size of the roller diameter is not limited by the diameter of the mold, can increase the shaft space, the use of large bearings to enhance the capacity of the pressure roller to improve the pressure of the pressure wheel and extend the service life.
Product advantages:
Mold vertical, feeding vertical, can not afford arch, easy to heat
Pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, uniform distribution, the effect is good
Two sets of lubrication, large shaft pressure wheel, to ensure life expectancy, high and stable production
Air-cooled dust, long-term operation, efficient production, energy saving and environmental protection
Double-layer mold, a dual-use, more choices, more gains
Buy a good rice husk granule Please note:
1, with the manufacturers is not talking about the general conversation, not to sell the machine to communicate with you, but sincerely to help you build a grain plant starting to consider!
2, there is no complete set of project experience, for the production line configuration is reasonable!
3, the offer system is professional, not a certain machine out how much, how much money on the line, but involves the product motor brand, internal structure assurance.
4, large companies may not be able to guarantee your after-sales service, to find you with the technical cooperation of reliable units!
5, do not blindly map cheap to buy equipment, this will only lead to a vicious circle!
6, to make a look at the field unit inspection or with a material test machine to determine the final order!

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