Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use ring mold particles machine. Ring mold particles are feed granulation equipment. Is corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk and other crushed material directly to suppress the grain feed processing machinery. Ring mold particle machine is the main feed machinery and equipment for the production of pellet feed. The performance of ring mold granule machine determines the feed processing yield to a great extent and occupies a very important position in the process of feed processing.

Ring mold particle machine performance characteristics:

1, the machine pressure roller with inclined wheel. And both ends of the mold plate, the outer ring line speed, there is no wheel and mold dislocation friction, reducing the resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss, extending the life of the mold, which is similar with the compression molding equipment, a major difference. At the same time, the technology is today's very advanced technology.
2, pressure roller evenly set, smooth operation, put an end to the ordinary flat pressure roller easy to feed the phenomenon.
3, the use of central pressure structure, to adapt to different materials, to ensure that the suppression effect. Wood chips, corn stalks and other compression molding requires a lot of pressure in the same kind of granulation equipment, the roller parts is the central part of the equipment, and the use of high quality alloy steel, improve the service life of the roller.
4, the model with 2 ---- 20 kinds of aperture mold, to adapt to different materials granulation, to achieve the best results.
The working principle of ring mold particle machine
Ring mold particle machine works: raw materials first directly into the granulation chamber, and then through the template or pressure wheel high-speed rotation, raw materials began to heat up soft, softening the raw material through a strong pressure through the template hole extrusion. Host drive with high efficiency belt drive, ring mold with quick release hoop type, feed the use of frequency control feed, to ensure uniform feeding.
Ring mold particle machine advantages:
A: pressure wheel increased, the bearing increased, enhanced to withstand the pressure capacity.
Second: the pressure wheel to increase, so that the temperature generated by the friction is not easy to transfer to the bearing chamber, to ensure that the bearings at low temperatures to work grease is not easy to overflow.
Three: pressure wheel increased, the pressure wheel can be repaired 2-3 times to extend the service life, reduce production costs, increase the project's profit margins.
Four: the model roller with a number of uniform distribution, smooth operation, while increasing the suppression area, improve production efficiency.
Five: the model compression molding diversification, round rods, particles as long as the exchange of mold can be done to adapt to different materials compression molding, to achieve the best benefits.
Name Model Yield(kg/h) Power(kw)
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-55 800-1000 55
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-75 800-1000 75
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-90 1200-1500 90
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-110 1800-2000 110

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