Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use wheat straw particles machine. Wheat straw pellet machine is for wheat straw, grass as raw materials and research and development of particle equipment. Straw, grass, generally refers to the use of livestock for the use of grass or other herbs. Forage regeneration, a year can be harvested several times, rich in trace elements and vitamins, so become the first choice for keeping livestock. Affected by modern production management, straw, pasture particles are increasingly accepted by farmers. Straw, pasture to do the granules than the general difficult to large wood, many customers in the purchase of particle machines are often some of the production of feed pellet machine manufacturers are misleading, after the purchase of equipment used to know the grass is difficult to shape, the feed pellet machine Low yield, large wear and tear. Waste a lot of manpower and time costs.

Working principle of wheat straw granule machine

Wheat straw particles, which absorb the essence of granulation at home and abroad, the internal core components for the "two-in-one mold" assembly structure unique; "pressure wheel" made of stainless steel wear-resistant materials, wearing parts is similar products several times ; Transmission structure of oil automatically filter, lubrication in place. With a unique design; reasonable structure; low consumption and efficient; strong wear and other characteristics.
High efficiency, energy saving, automatic lubrication, high pressure filtration, clean and smooth independent frequency conversion device to ensure the finished product rate of the particles.
Wheat straw granule machine commonly used equipment and role:
1, crusher: raw material crushed, the raw material size control in 3-5mm
2, dryer: raw material drying, the raw material water control in 15-18%
3, particle machine: raw material granulation, the raw materials into 6-20mm diameter particles
Wheat straw particle machine features:
1, a high degree of automation, simple operation, easy to move, if no power facilities available diesel engine instead.
2, material adaptability: to adapt to a variety of biomass raw materials molding.
3, adjustable mold, control the size of particles.
3, pressure roller can be automatically adjusted, the material does not squeeze group, not boring machine, to ensure the stability of the material forming.
The daily maintenance of wheat straw granule machine:
1, the parts of the lubrication parts to make up clean, adequate oil and grease.
2, the equipment to be installed smoothly, adjust the belt tightness. Clean up the processing site, to prevent metal objects mixed into the machine.
3, regularly check the equipment within the abrasive wear or not, if there should be timely maintenance and replacement.
4, relax the roller bearing seat on the gap bolts, so that the device is no load, start normal operation can be put into use.

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