Want to improve energy and environmental governance? Then use the wood chips machine. Wood pellet is a crop of corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, peanut shells, eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit trees, corn cob, bamboo chips, cotton rods, soybean sticks, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, And other solid waste as raw material, through the wood particles particle machine crushing, pressurization, density, molding, a small rod solid particles of fuel. Sawdust pellet machine production of particulate fuel is at room temperature using pressure roller and ring mold on the wood, straw and other raw materials are made of extrusion. The density of raw materials is generally 0.6-0.8 or so, the particle density after molding is greater than 1.1, the transportation and storage are extremely convenient. At the same time, the combustion performance of the particulate fuel produced by the sawdust granule machine is greatly improved, and the dependence on the petrochemical energy and the atmospheric emission The

A good wood chip machine must meet the following points:

1, the mechanical production process failure is low,
2, the production of grain per ton of energy consumption is low,
3, the process of particle suppression machinery will not destroy the physical shape of wood chips,
4, the particle surface smooth, the hardness is 1.1-1.3 tons / cubic.
The working principle of wood chips
Material into the body, the high-speed rotation of the grinding plate and the side of the plate during the rotation of the process of relying on a strong friction, the material will be crushed into the crushing room after the main surface of the crushed side of the crushed to meet the requirements of the Sieve from the bottom of the discharge, did not meet the requirements continue to crush. In the crushing chamber main surface of any movement process are smashing effect, not only the material and the blade main surface, between the main dental plate, between the material and the material from the shear, self-friction can make the material crushed. In order to prevent the ultra-fine materials in the crushing chamber caused by eddy current circulation, in the crushing line tangent direction with fine powder off the room recovery bag. The crushed material is collected by the bottom of the sieve bar under the control of fineness.
Sawdust burning particle machine features:
① feeding method using vertical feed, the material in the role of centrifugal force evenly distributed, the effect is good.
② using ring mold, upper and lower openings, can be a dual-use, to extend the service life.
③ feed with motor feeder, will not block machine. The base is solid and stable.
Name Model Yield(kg/h) Power(kw)
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 400-600 22
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 400-800 30
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 500-1200 37
Flat die machine33mm PM-I 600-1500 45
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-I 300-500 30
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-II 400-800 37
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-III 600-1000 45
Flat die machine8-22mm PMX-IIII 600-1500 55
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-I 800-1000 55
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-II 1000-1200 75
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-III 1200-1500 90
Ring mold particle machine8-20mm HMK-IIII 1800-2000 110

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