Template grinder has been my company focused on research and development of products, is a professional for the site on the old template, bamboo plate, shelves, brackets, trays and other research and development of large-scale timber crushing equipment, crushed into a match size. Suitable for processing plants, power plants, wood crushing and crushing processing base, plywood and other waste wood processing enterprises use, in accordance with customer requirements of various types of wood processing equipment. Template crusher is a high-quality hammer crusher, professional crushing site on the old template, bamboo plate, shelves, brackets, trays and other materials, is my focus on research and development of new large-scale wood grinder equipment. These wood, can not avoid the nails, with ordinary wood chip processing will damage the machine blade, and I produced a new template grinder is my company in 2013 the latest development of the grinder equipment, not afraid of the site on the bamboo glue Board or cargo pallets on the tray, is a professional smashing bamboo sheet, the site on the old template, wooden pallets and other materials the ideal choice.
Template grinder
Template grinder scope
Temporal crusher is widely used in construction of a variety of nails or iron with the template, waste wood, crates, containers, wooden pallets and some other with iron material building templates, plastic plate crushing processing. More suitable for waste template processing plant, bamboo sheet processing plant, wood-based panel plant, composite mills, power plant boilers and other raw materials, such as burning wood processing plant use.
Template grinder
Template shredder product advantages
Temporal grinder selection of special blades, blade hardness of not less than RHC55, the use of meshing blades, with nails can be templates, wood, used doors and windows, tables and chairs, etc. completely crushed, do not worry about the nail will not crush the problem. Simple operation, easy maintenance, compact layout, stable work, less energy consumption. Finished product quality is good, low processing costs, automatic button control, low noise, no pollution.
Model Main Shaft Power
Rotor Speed
Coneyor Power(kw) Number of blade(Piece) Diameter of blade(mm) Final Size(cm) Hopper Size(m) Dimension(m) Weight
PJ-2600 4-160*2 16-18 25-60 4-3kw 40 Φ720 3-10 2.5*1.4 8.2*4*4.3 36
PJ-1900 4-90*2 14-16 10-25 4-3kw 40 Φ560 3-10 2.3*2 8*2.5*2.4 15
PJ-1500 4-45*2 14-16 8-18 4-3kw 30 Φ530 3-10 2*2 4*1.7*2.4 12
PJ-1200 4-37*2 18-20 6-15 NO 28 Φ372 3-10 1.4*1 3.2*2*1.9 6
PJ-1000 4-30*2 18-20 5-10 NO 30 Φ360 3-10 1.2*1 3*2*1.9 5
PJ-600 4-15*2 18-20 2-5 NO 26 Φ260 3-10 0.82*0.9 2.6*2*1.9 2.5

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