Wood shredders, also known as shearing shredders, are cut to reduce the size of the material by cutting, tearing and squeezing. Wood shredder is after years of research and practice, and in accordance with the actual situation in the country to improve research and development, the introduction of mature technology and the design of advanced wood shredder series for China's waste recycling pre-crushing, reducing capacity to provide reliable quality equipment. The machine can be widely used in wood, wood scrap, wooden pallets, solid wood, tree stickers, waste household appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell) other large volume of waste. Wood Shredder is a pioneer machinery to deal with the market in the large-scale timber for the deep processing of wood and the development of a wood crushing equipment, the machine is to solve the existing wood crusher in the process of breaking the lack of material to produce a fit The wood shredder is divided into uniaxial wood shredders (equivalent to plastic shredders) and biaxial wood shredders. The machine is not only able to break large wood in the application Processing can also be used after the replacement of the blade can be used for plastic packaging barrels, rubber tires, basket material, large rolls of film, large bundle of plastic film mulching film, large bundled plastic film packaging, large bundled bags of bags woven bags, Paper, fiber, etc. Materials for crushing and processing, and the machine has a large output, low energy consumption, low noise, low dust characteristics.

Wood shredder structural features:

Wood shredder is a versatile, versatile machine, the use of standardized modular design, parts interchangeability is better, auxiliary knife mold forging refined, the use of special alloy steel knife with a special special process Made with good wear resistance and high strength characteristics, the drive part of the use of intermediate gear drive to form a differential relationship. Screen disassembly easy and simple, beautiful appearance of the compact structure of compact and compact.
Wood shredder equipment features
1: heavy knife, high crushing efficiency, the cutting tools are wood processing broken characteristics for the custom, the material is made of high hardness alloy processing.
2: frame plate thick, high torque resistance, very strong.
3: the use of microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set the start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.
4: equipment with low speed, high torque, low noise, dust can meet the characteristics of environmental standards.
5: easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable.
6: The thickness of the tool and the number of knives can be replaced according to different materials.
7: broken than large, relatively wood crusher in the processing of large pieces of material advantages are more prominent.
8: a multi-purpose machine, you can choose a variety of tool configurations in order to apply to the processing of metal materials broken.
Structural principle
Wood shredders in the principle of operation on the equipment is a low torque under the action of large torque installed through the wood shredder on the spindle of the blade will be rough processing of wood, the machine according to the different shredding wood according to the actual investment funds The development of the situation are: uniaxial wood shredders (logs or roots and other large pieces of wood), biaxial wood shredders (the machine can be applied to bulk shredding wood).
Wood shredder specification
Item Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Blade quantity Feeding hole size(mm)
Blade diameter
DW-500 7.5 200-400 16 700*760
DW-600 11 300-500 24 800*760
DW-800 22 400-700 32 1000*760
DW-800(Enlarge) 15*2 500-900 32 1000*760
DW-1000 22*2 700-1000 40 1200*760
Blade diameter
DW-800 15*2 800-1000 16 1000*990
DW-1000 18.5*2 1000-1200 20 1200*990
DW-1200 22*2 1200-1500 26 1400*990
DW-1500 30*2 1500-1800 38 1700*990
Blade diameter
DW-800 18.5*2 1000-1200 16 1000*990
DW-1000 18.5*2 1200-1500 20 1200*900
DW-1200 22*2 1500-1800 26 1400*990
DW-1500 30*2 1800-2000 38 1700*990
DW-1680 37*2 2000-2500 42 1880*1090

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